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Aha Gazelle – Neverending Story

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Aha Gazelle - Neverending Story

American Christian/Gospel Artiste Ft. Tony Ri'chard Released a New Single Titled “Neverending Story”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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Neverending Story (Lyrics) –
It's Tony Ri'chard
You know

Everything ending but nothing is over
We in wicked times call it October
Alert and alarmed my spirit is sober
I'm from the boot so you know I'm soldier
Chill in a challenger hemi my motor
I had to humble myself and get bolder
I only got a few friends I'm a loner
When you start popping these people gone stone ya
We get it popping like shots in the parking lot
Quit that gossip and yapping you talk alot
Systematic oppression compressing my section
It's black and it's white so we falling out
Yea I'm walking in faith I don't walk In doubt
If I fall on my face Ima walk it out
If you walking in fake Ima call it out
When you filthy in sin you can't spray with shout
All that pride in your heart need to humble self
God is coming back down with Orion's Belt
Sell your soul just to melt in a pot of wealth
Life a vapor it's quick so don't waste your breath
All this mental depression been killing me
Doctor tap on my shoulder ain't feeling me
Spirit all on my body like dungarees
I'm a lion for real I pay jungle fees
I be ducking and dodging these felonies
Y'all be snitching on people to deputies
Put my life and my soul in these melodies
When I'm writing I'm taking a remedy
All my brothers been lying dead in the street
Bullets piercing they bodies he lost a piece
All his homies been crying like rest In peace
All the mothers be single the daddies peace
I just pray on my knees the violence cease
But the beef gone be rising like it's some yeast
All these 6's I think we gone see the beast
Look the president lying straight through his teeth

Everything ending but nothing is over
Love doesn't come back and say that I told ya
How they critiquing what they never showed us
Every time they try to send us to hell we hop in the and come back colder
I don't think that they really believe they fake gang banging Elmo & Grover
I could tell that you not really team but I ain't trip I just kept my composure
I can tell who you are by the odor
It is such an unpleasant aroma
You been running for years tryna cover it all but it's time for indecent exposure
Got some ones in my pocket lets take it off
All of my homies are hoopers but they keep a stick with em like they been playing golf
Most of these rappers are losers they hide behind money and women to play it off
They tryna fool ya but they ain't got fans they good for one hit then they fading off
But Aha gone be here forever
I pray that they jam me in Heaven
The Angels are dancing to songs off Secession
Imagine the face of the Reverends
Who told me that I wouldn't get in
Because of my over expression
They all tried to do me like Stephen
They call us evil cause we carrying weapons
But throwing stones that be causing depression
So many times I been told with aggression
That I am not worth it like I'm not a person
You need to know that you not helping you hurting
And open your eyes to the things you can't see you an urchin
Ya'll only make it about drinking and smoking and cursing
Ignoring the fact that it comes with a burden
The good doctor doesn't get mad at the symptoms
Need to retire the hate isn't working, nigga

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