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Arik Nelson – Lunch Table ft. Battz & F. L. O. G. I. C

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Arik Nelson - Lunch Table ft. Battz & F. L. O. G. I. C

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Lunch Table Lyrics By
Yeah, hey, oh, G.Rose

[Chorus: Arik Nelson]
Welcome to the lunch table, time we like “Woah”
Tap, tap, litty with the pistols like “Woah”
‘Bout to get busy, busy, busy like “Woah”
Welcome to the lunch table, time we like “Woah”

[Verse 1: Arik Nelson]
Ayy, my God the greatest, I already know that I made it
Like back in the day, we gon' beat on the table
I'm feelin' my life, with His Word keep me stable
I'm aimin' defeat if I work at a label
I dropped out of college (We nеxt wit' it)
Leadin' my way, she the bеst wit' it
I had to find my aesthetic
God told me “You the best at it”
Workin' on my mental, makin' beats with my utensils (Woah)
I'ma show the world my dinner when they try to give a little (Woah)
Never gon' deal ones that never gon' make it
Then went through the cooker, it's time to get brazy (Woah)
Now I look in the back any time He replace it
I'll give you the Word out the way you been chasin' (Oh)
Hold up, I was independent, now I'm really in it
Never name a time when it's been a minute
Never stop 'til I drop as a lieutenant
Tell 'em what it means to be free, no loose end
Thinkin' on my team when I bleed for the juice in it
Ice on dip, we get real loose wit' it
Overstep, we not real cool wit' it
Devil, he thinkin' he runnin' my laces
On top of the mission, we destined for greatness
I'm all out of patience until He gon' chase 'em
My soul like a T.V., it's not for the takin'
That's on God and my mama
I'ma slide for my fam, that be no cap, they my startes
It's that lunch table, sweet like the sun maple

[Chorus: Arik Nelson]
Welcome to the lunch table, time we like “Woah”
Tap, tap, litty with the pistols like “Woah”
Pass at the lunch table, time be like “Woah”
He about to kill it, know we comin' with the flow

[Verse 2: ]
Ayy, sent the beat, it ain't basic
Blessings keep comin' my way, guarantee that we take it
Got outlined, guarantee that we trace it
Devil throwin' crap my way, we dodge it like it's the Matrix
Yeah, yeah, I see the smile on they faces
I take my squad to the places, I send my squad to adjacent
Y'all be scammin' for placements and it ain't helpin' you make it
Now your squad is forsaken, on the right path, we were strayin'
Yeah, woah, workin' on my faith, lil' boy
Y'all be playin' safe, lil' boy, keep it in a safe, lil' boy
I ain't coppin' rage, lil' boy, all the stocks you raise, lil' boy
Hop up on a stage, lil' boy, somebody give a safe, lil' boy
This that lunch table flow, just watch us get down
Listen close and pay attention, y'all won't have to sit down
I been found my passion for rappin' and takin' lunch and
I don't track, this my tactics for real, yeah

[Verse 3: Breanna Dickerson]
Welcome to the lunch table, time we like “Woah” (Woah)
Tryna cleanse the spirit, can you smell the Lysol? (Yo)
‘Bout to get busy, busy, busy, spritz this disinfectant (Ha)
Do this in a millisecond, can I eat my milli' second?
Yo, I am the realest, reppin' Ella, He brings 'em cover, umbrella
We change it up but don't tell 'em, Miss Fortune is fortune-tellin'
His portion my portion, Tesla, that Bible, that Bebe Rexha
Fire of that Holy Ghost gon' shoot in you, we'll see less of, mm
Any cafeteria I get the tray, now give me food
Everywhere I go rappers buy my style, Jimmy Choos
God work it out, workin' in me, I'm the Jimmy Choos
Devil size me up, but the Lord, He put me in His shoes

[Verse 4: Taylour Dickerson]
Slip on the bus, stable, stable, stable, don't put Red Bull, Red Bull
Tribal now, no [?], my blood like Hulk on [?]
I'm never gonna stop servin' my God
Left my old ways in the past like an iPod
Thinkin' you the best, so they figure you an icon
(Favored Ladies of God in Christ)
No abbreviatin' the way that I'm lovin'
And servin' my God, the devil got abortion
Elevated up an elevator, I'm better than ever
Whenever the love and the praise go way up
Got a glimpse of the glory, no givin' it up now
Addin' drip and I'm favored more than a cup now
When He take over the wheel, you know it's a topdown
And that be a better meal than the fruit of the vine now

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