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Book: Deal With It By Paula White

Deal With It By Paula White

Book: Deal With It: You Cannot Conquer What You Will Not Confront:  Nobody understands the issues women face better than dynamic Bible teacher and national speaker , host of a national television program, who crosses racial and gender lines with her messages. Many of these listeners are women who identify with Paula's straight-forward and candid approach as she shares from what she has experienced in life. Her openness, integrity, and honesty are what draw men and women to her. In this book, Paula highlights 10 women in the Bible and shows how God transformed their lives and can transform anyone's life who is seeking Him and the answers he provides throughout Scripture.


Paula White


Paula Michelle White- is an American televangelist and a proponent of prosperity theology. White became chair of the evangelical advisory board in Donald Trump's administration. She delivered the invocation at his inauguration, on January 20, 2017. She is the first female clergy member to deliver the invocation.

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