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Jermaine Edwards – Don’t Count Me Out Lyrics

 Jermaine Edwards - Don't Count Me Out Lyrics

– Don't Count Me Out Lyrics

[Verse 1]
In my life I had so many low seasons,
A lot of failures without reason,
Many people try so many times to tear me down,
Never prayed,
I tried to pick me up off the ground.
They said I wasn't gonna make it very far,
Look in my life and I got so many scars,
It wasn't easy but I really worked hard,
Always having Father God in my heart.

Don't count me out yet
I'm still running,
Fall down but I got up fighting,
My eyes are on God's Kingdom always,
But I won't stop until I finish this race.
[Verse 2]
I know I'm not where I'm supposed to be,
But I'm trying to be the man
God wants me to be,
Don't let nobody distract me
From my dreams,
Even if my friends turn my enemies.
Honestly sometimes I feel so lonely,
And I wonder if God is walking with me,
I see one set of footprints in the sand,
It was God always caring me.
[Repeat Chorus]
I'm never alone,
You're never alone,
Cause He hears the tears that you cry
The moments got to be alright,
{They said it's impossible
(They said it's impossible)
With God its possible
(With God it's possible).} [x4]

So my people wipe the tears from your eyes,
Sorrows only last for awhile,
You going through your midnight,
But tomorrow you're gonna smile.


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