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Jonathan Nelson – Yes Out There Intro

Download “Yes Out There Intro” SONG By Nelson

Jonathan Nelson - Yes Out There Intro

American Christian/Gospel Artiste Nelson Released a New Single Titled “Yes Out There Intro”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit And Surely Be Worth A Place On Your Playlist.

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Yes Out There Intro Lyrics By Nelson
[Spoken Intro by Nelson]
Somebody here has been waiting on an answer.
I don't know what you've been going through
In your lives, but tonight I believe that
The Spirit of the Lord has prophetically
Spoken to me to speak to you
That your answer is in the house tonight.

The Bible says in Isaiah 55:11
The word that goes forth out of his mouth
It shall accomplish that what he sends to do.
And I like the back part of that:
It's not going to return a “void.”
I like that part, but the part I like the most
Is that when it arrives at its destination,
It's going to prosper.

Somebody says, wow,
That's the Spirit of the Lord
Encouraging you here tonight.
So we just came to let you know that
God's promises are “yea” and “amen.”
The Bible says that in Him,
The promises are “yea” and “amen.”

In the NIV version, if you read that
I believe it's 2 Corinthians 1 around verse 20,
The back end of the NIV version says that
It's “guaranteed.”

So tonight,
We just came to encourage you tonight
To let you know that there's a guaranteed
“Yes” in the house tonight.
I couldn't even get the response I'm looking for!
Now, see, some of y'all… in the natural
You may have gone to a car dealership,
You may be going to a mortgage lender
To try to get whatever you need.

But tonight we came to encourage you
That your “yes” is in the house tonight.
Tell somebody, “my answer is ‘yes'!”
‘Cause, see, when God makes a promise,
He can't lie.
In Numbers, it says that
God is not a man that he shall lie.
But then it goes further and says
That the blessing that is given
It cannot be reversed.

So the “yes” that God gives, it can't be reversed.
Tell somebody: “I got a ‘yes,'
And it can't be reversed.”
There's nothing the devil can do about it,
Not your situations. My answer is yes.
I feel the presence of God.
Tell somebody, “my answer is yes!”
I feel the presence right now.
Tell somebody, “my answer is yes!”

It's a “yes” in my spirit.
This is not a “yes, I will obey,”
“‘Yes' to your will, Lord.”
I'm just accepting the guaranteed
That you have already promised me.
My “yes” is guaranteed!
Oo, I feel like dancing that time.
Some of y'all may be waiting on answers
In this place tonight.
And the Lord just said on December 1st, 2006
Not for Nelson to report,
But for you to come here.
Get your hands up!

He set this day up in the heavens
Before the foundations of the world
Just so you could come into this place
And get the answer of “yes”!
We gotta move; tell somebody
There's a “yes” out there.
And it's got my name on it.

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