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Kieran The Light – Lust, Pt. 2

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Kieran The Light - Lust, Pt. 2

American Christian/Gospel Hip Hop Artiste Released a New Single Titled “Lust, Pt. 2”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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Lust, Pt. 2 (Lyrics) –
Devil's got a hold on me, uh
Devil's got a hold on me, uh
I know that I won't break, I make the same mistakes
The devil's got a hold on me, uh

Still been in search of some sympathy
So many spirits been temptin' me
I'm tryna deal wit' 'em all individually
I just can't seem to find me a remedy
I just need Jesus, I've been so stuck in my seasons
Feel like they all keep repeatin'
What is the reason? I keep attractin' these demons
They turnin' me into a heathen
I'm not tryna backslide, I am not that guy
I be stuck on my past, why?
I just tell another bad lie anytime somebody try to ask why
I'm so stuck in my feelings, I don't ever get my healin'
I'm always tryna hide my dealings, and I still
Walk around with a smile on me, but the inside really be squealin'
I'm full of my guilt, I have been full of my guilt
This can't be the way I was wired, this really can't be the way that I was built
Surrounded by snakes tryna tempt me, the devil just want me to give him a nil
But Jesus is King, so the blood of Christ is what I use as my shield
And I'm still a King's kid, the chosen one, the light child
No matter how many times I fall down, I watch God turn it back around
Satan tryna ride my back as if I'm not gon' fight him back
Like I'ma dial back or somethin'
I ain't gon' turn back for nothin' no matter how many attacks are comin', I'm not runnin'
But I forgot to repent today, I keep pushin' it to different days
Tryna let go of my sins today, but my mind just hits replay
Got souls we could win today, but temptation gets in the way
But I'ma do it anyway, it's my pleasure like Chick-Fil-A, that's no cap
There's a gift in the way that I rap
Lot of people, they attract to that, I never asked for that
It's a struggle walkin' on this path while I got women that be here to distract
While the snake sit and laugh at that
Me and my wife sleep back to back, I don't know how the devil mastered that
All the love I lack got me travelin' back
To a place, I could capture that, I've been blackmailed
So it's hard to trust, yet I still seem to fall in lust, I don't have idols
I can't be starstruck, still woke like I just had Starbucks
I be tellin' on myself for fun, I really wish I didn't talk as much
Even though I do fall a bunch, I still get on these tracks and run
It don't seem like I lost my touch, I still hear Him
Even when I backslide, I promise that I'll try my best
I'm dressed in the Spirit like the airline, so I've been flyin' Southwest, haha
I don't have my vision aligned, I feel like He sendin' me signs
I know that He hearin' my cries, so I'm not believin' the lies

Not this time
Check mine, be mine
Uh, be mine 'til the end of time, uh-uh-uh (Not this time)
‘Til the end, uh-uh-uh-uh (So I'm not believin' the lies)
Not this time
Check mine, be mine
Uh, be mine 'til the end of time, uh-uh-uh (Not this time)
‘Til the end, uh-uh-uh-uh

I've been so deep in my sin that I started drinkin' again
Got me overthinkin' again, how did this even begin?
Preachin' while livin' in sin, why do I even pretend?
I don't even know how to win, I feel like the old me again
I can't go back to them days
I have been stuck in my ways, and they've been so ugly
I just be needin' my space
When I make mistakes, all they do is judge me
The devil keep settin' these traps
My God, I'm prayin' You don't let him touch me
I've just been feeling disgusting, God, I just want You to trust me

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