Home Gospel Music NSPPD 13th July 2022 Live Prayers With Pastor Jerry Eze

NSPPD 13th July 2022 Live Prayers With Pastor Jerry Eze

NSPPD 13th July 2022 Live Prayers With Pastor Jerry Eze

13th July 2022 Live Prayers With Eze

It's the last Day; Day 10 of our 10 Days Midyear Fasting and Prayers and we're praying “THE LORD HAS SETTLED ME”🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Read/Study/Meditate – Genesis 21 vs. 1, 1 Peter 5 vs. 10
Pray –
By the mercies of God, the same struggles/trials/failures I endured in from January to June have qualified me for my second half breakthroughs! July to December shall deliver my answers pressed down, shaken together, running over!
Every Hanging Word/Prophecy over my life, as this second half begins, manifest by Fire!
As my divine visitation arrives, I will be rightly positioned! Nothing missing, Nothing broken!
July to December: I have the Grace advantage! 3x
My Days of Suffering, pain, shame, ridicule are over! Powers of hell insisting I must remain in the old, Fire!!!! I break out!
According to the order of Sarah, my laughter has arrived, I am carrying my evidence. Shame, pain and mockery have been terminated permanently in my Life, family, business, career, academics and Ministry. Amen
My settlement can never be covered. Every satanic covering on my settlement, who put you there? Right now, by the fire of the Holy Ghost, tear by fire.
It is settlement O'clock therefore I call forth the elements of nature, the men and women, the connections and everything I need for my settlement to align in my favor.
Oh mighty Hand of God open for me the two leave gate of my settlement. Oh gates of my settlement, hear the Word of the Lord, Ephphatha!
I am not Esau, my settlement will not the hijacked on the way. Every “Rebecca” and ” Jacob” conspiring to rob me of my settlement, you are liars, listen to me, your end has come, in the name of Jesus, perish by fire.
My 2022 will end in praise, celebration and mega congratulations. My testimony shall be that “I have moved from the waiting list, to the evidence list; from the back to the front”. Amen
The Lord has settled me, my level has changed, I am now called by a new name. Those who looked down on me are now looking up to me. According to and the Word of the Lord, kings have now become my errand boys. What God Cannot Do, Does Not Exist.
The second half of 2022 started with mega congratulations! My divine settlement arrived bigger, faster and better!
I am in my Wealthy Place! Days of suffering, running around in circles, coverings from the pit of hell, labor without results, wicked altars and conspiracies are right behind me!
July to December, Hear the word of the Lord: 2022 is still my year of Help and Helpers! That call/email/signature/alert that will turn my life around – ENTER BY FIRE!
July to December, I redeem you by the blood of Jesus! Any voice that shall arise against my divine settlement, shut up by fire!
I am an agent of revival! I move from prophecies to manifestation! Lord above all, pour out your spirit on me, rebrand me with your glory, settle me with more of you!
July to December: What God Cannot Do, Does Not Exist! 3x Hallelujah!!!

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