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Study Free in Canada & USA for International Students 2022/2023 Update

To Study Free in Canada and USA 2022/2023 has really been the biggest challenge for most foreign or most African students today, but then, the good news here today is that there are several universities in Canada that one can study for free! Are you interested to know about these universities or how to study for free in these two locations? Check below now.

To Study Free in Canada and USA Hear This First
Both countries are pretty good in terms of education. But I will choose Canada instead of the United States. Yes, many people prefer the USA but hear me out on the points for Canada and then decide yourself.

Tuition fees for foreign students studying in Canada and the US will be contingent on the type of program and where you want to study.

When you are pursuing higher education, it is significant to consider many factors. What do you intend to study? How much does it cost? What are the courses offered at the school?

And more importantly, which university should you choose? But before you resolve any of that, the first step is figuring out where in the world you want to study. Study for Free in USA and Canada!

List of Tuition Fee-Free Universities in Canada And How To Apply
Canada has some of the best universities in the world and they are globally for their contributions to some of the key developments the world is enjoying today.

The University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia is one of the top-ranking higher institutions of learning in Canada and provides three prestigious need and merit-based scholarships program available via the UBC’s International Scholars Program.

These awards are fully funded and if you get to maintain the renewal requirements after you’ve been selected for the scholarship, they can be renewed for an additional three years.

You’ll see yourself pursuing and getting your preferred bachelor’s degree program at a top-ranking institution without having to worry about tuition fees.

How to Apply for Admission to the University of British Columbia:

Applying to UBC is done in four easy steps and applies to both undergraduate and graduate prospective students, both domestic and international.

• Explore UBC’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs and pick your interest

• Review the admission requirements. They differ by degree type (graduate or undergraduate), the program of study and your location, whether as an international or domestic student.

• Get the requirements ready

• APPLY ONLINE or offline (in-person).

There you have the general application procedure for admission into the University of British Columbia but note that further procedures may be required afterward, you will need to contact the admission officer at UBC concerning that.

York University
York University is a top Canadian citadel of learning and provides a series of scholarship opportunities that international students can apply for. However, there are only three of these scholarships that are completely fully funded, which allow international students to study tuition-free at York University.

These scholarships are York University Automatic Entrance Scholarships, International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction, and the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students.

How to Apply for Admission to York University

• Meet the minimum admission requirements

• Review all admission and application requirements for your chosen program of study before beginning the process.

• Meet program-specific requirements

• Know the application deadlines

• Submit your application along with all required documents

• Application deadlines and requirements vary.

So here you go. Let’s also see the one of the USA below of Tuition Fee Free Universities in the USA

I usually say that studying abroad is not a thing too hard to achieve but to achieve it, you must be determined and mean the course. Gold does not lay on the shallow ground you must dig deeper for the gold. Make your selection from the schools below.

Berea College
Berea’s No-Tuition Promise guarantees no student pays tuition. Their students pay an average of $1,000 toward housing, meals, and fees, with financial help for books available.

Berea is fully dedicated to offering students of great promise and limited economic incomes a world-class education. But do not just take their word for it–visit their website and read what some of their students are saying about Berea College.

Academic Requirements at Berea:

Admission to Berea College is intellectually competitive. They have a limited number of spaces in each year’s entering class, so they are looking for students who have robust academic potential and financial needs. Also, the College restricts admission to students who have not previously gotten a Bachelor’s degree.

Most of their students score between 20 and 30 on the ACT (or SAT equivalent) and have an increasing high school GPA of at least 3.0 in a strong college-prep curriculum. You may take either the ACT or SAT or apply test-optional.

The institution also considers other factors, such as community service, leadership qualities, and levels of incentive. They strongly recommend the following high school curriculum:

• Four (4) units of English (with composition, rhetoric, and literature)

• Three (3) units of Mathematics (at least Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry)

• Two (2) units of Laboratory Science

• Two (2) units of Social Science/History (with World History)

• Two (2) units of a foreign language

High school transcripts and certified score reports are required for the assessment of academic qualifications.

College of the Ozarks
At College of the Ozarks as one of the recognized tuition-free colleges in the US, your full yearly cost of education is covered by the university’s scholarship, besides the government grants and the available student’s works.

For tuition, fifteen hours a week working in some institutional job station, keeping the college-going (with a fruitcake bakery); during breaks, full 40-hour work weeks; for room and board, summer jobs.

International Students Requirements for Admission:

• Official college transcript(s) (if a transfer student),

• Transfer student form (if a transfer student),

• Two reference forms,

• Educational Background Form or transcript of secondary education.

• Foreign financial certification form,

• TOEFL Score (550 paper-based; 213 computers based; 79-80 internet based) or IELTS Score (minimum 5.5),

• ACT/SAT scores will be considered if submitted.

• ACT/SAT scores must be submitted to the College directly from ACT/SAT (College Board). The College’s ACT code is 2364; SAT code is 6713.

• Required interview (an admissions staff member will schedule interviews with qualified candidates after receipt of transcripts and test scores),

• Affidavit of Support (available at http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-134.pdf).

• Interview acknowledgment form (available during the interview).

Applicants’ files are considered complete when each requirement has been received and processed. Other items may be required in special circumstances.

Applicants are encouraged to complete application requirements as soon as possible since admission to the College of the Ozarks is quite competitive. Please see our Admissions Process TimeLine for important information regarding a target date for completing the admissions file.

Once an international student is admitted, the College will issue an I-20 form, required to schedule an appointment for the student visa interview at the United States Embassy. International students at the College must be documented; international students typically have an F-1 visa.

Alice Lloyd College
Alice Lloyd College is among the best tuition-free universities in the USA and it is one of the nine official work colleges in the nation and by so, every qualified student in this school is automatically awarded the Appalachian Leaders College Scholarship which covers their entire tuition expenses.

Alice Lloyd College is one of the most distinctive liberal arts institutions in the Appalachian region. Alice Lloyd awards tuition assurances for residents of 108 Central Appalachian counties, irrespective of income, who are eligible for admission.

The College offers high-quality educational opportunities primarily for students with exceptional leadership potential for active service to the surrounding mountain region irrespective of the student’s ability to pay.

Employment Opportunities in the US and Canada
Half the appeal of pursuing an international degree is the number of career opportunities it opens up. And both the USA and Canada are highly interesting locations on the map of employment possibilities. The United States ranks 3rd with Canada not far behind in 5th place.

According to statistics, professionals such as management executives, medicine, dentist, software engineer, and so on provide some of the highest salaries in the US.

While Jobs like nurse practitioner, program analyst, teacher, pharmacist, financial manager, construction manager, etc. are some of the top jobs in Canada.

The American graduates received an average first salary of 48,127 US$ in 2018. While the average first salary earned by university graduates in Canada was 36,895 US$.

Are you satisfied with this content about Study for Free in USA and Canada? You are free to drop any comment below the comment section. You can as well share this article with your friends and loved ones.

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