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Zauntee – BackFromTheDEAD

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Zauntee - BackFromTheDEAD

American Christian/Gospel Hip Hop Artiste Released a New Single Titled “BackFromTheDEAD”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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BackFromTheDEAD (Lyrics) –
We go to war
It's Z-34
We Follow Jesus
And we will change the world

I been waiting to say my piece for a while
And I was shaking every hand and kept a smile
I heard everybody talk behind my back
Well I was out for a minute now I'm back

Verse 1:
If you follow God then rally to me
Time to represent for the to see
Can't go halfway and won't fall asleep
We walk into hell and then leave with the keys
Sacrificing every breath that I breathe
Ten toes down on my own two feet
My brothers and sisters my reason
Went to a family of 9 from a family of 3
I feel like a waiter my table gon' eat
My bunch like Brady cuz Tampa the team
It was free GQ now GQ free
We see U2 this Zoo TV
Gratitude and grind on some garyvee
Trust in perfect time it was meant to be
They counted us out guess they couldn't count
They ain't let us in but we still got a seat
The rest of the game gon' follow the lead
Got it out the mud lookin' like some cleats
Call me Ben Wallace I should wear a 3
We playin' arenas like we in the league
They always askin' why I'm so serious, why is they soundin' like Heath
They steady smiling at me and it's empty like they was missing some teeth
It's alotta hypocrisy movin' around, and in their hearts it's jealousy
Cuz they see you win and they insecure, you are what they wish they could be
But I don't really pay attention to noise, nonchalant like I don't even see
Cuz God gon' bless work I put in, so I'ma keep going and planting the seed
You sow and you reap
I'm ready to die on the frontlines
Death before retreat
I seen the struggle you wouldn't believe
I lost some close, so RIP
Dreams so heavy that I can't sleep
I thank God I found my peace
This ain't Miami but I got the Heat
Rally to me, we follow The King
Broke my heart when I couldn't drop songs
I used to pray I could still stay strong
I thank the Lord for the people who listen,
It blows my mind they would stay this long
All glory go to God, yeah
Cuz I'm still here
2022 this is our year
I cried for the dream it's top tier
Why stop here just passed go
Settled in and let the past go
Pulled the crowd no lasso
I'm the new school let the class know
God spoke 10/4, Let's go pronto
I'm good He's great, more food my plate,
Set goals timeframe, my world my game
He called my name
More less fame, More vision less wait
More power less pain, More life less chains
More grind, More gain
More glory to The Name
More glory to The Name
All glory to The Name
All glory to The Name yeah, yeah, yeah

Pre-Hook 2:
Now I'm Back
Yeah I'm Back
Thank God that I'm back
I'm back, I'm back
Yuh, yuh

Aye I been waiting to say my piece for a while
I been shaking every hand and kept a smile
I heard everybody talk behind my back
Well I was out for a minute now I'M BACK

BackFromTheDEAD (repeats)

Verse 2:
At the foot of The Cross
I'm finally free
I know who I am
Blood on my doorpost
It's blood on my head
And I'm seeing red
Lift up the name
We Follow Jesus
That makes us a threat
I'm at the alter
my Father
Baptized in fire, baptized in water
What it was, aye what it does, aye what you said
We out here, we movin' deep and we ain't scared
They said we won't take a stand, and we said bet
God is Great and He's with us, hell don't stand a chance, Tell'em

Aye I been waitin' to feel this free for a while
And I was walkin' thru the valley trustin' God
Left the battles I was fightin' In the past
I was out for a minute now I'M BACK

BackFromTheDEAD (Repeats)
Now I'm BACK
Now I ‘m BACK
You heard that I'm BACK
I'm here and I'm BACK
All glory to God
All glory to God
Cuz He brought me back
He brought me Back, Back, Back
BackFromTheDEAD (repeats)

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