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Home Books Book: What Grace Is And What Grace Isn’t By Creflo Dollar

Book: What Grace Is And What Grace Isn’t By Creflo Dollar

What Grace Is And What Grace Isn't By Creflo Dollar

Book: What Grace Is And What Grace Isn’t: Grace is a person and His name is Jesus…Some Christians may not understand how grace operates and fits in to our salvation. When we are born again, we receive the gift of grace and righteousness.

Is Grace Really That Awesome?

Grace is not an excuse to continue sinning or to tolerate miserable circumstances. But Grace really is awesome in that it bridges the gap sin created. And grace covers us and is God’s way of helping us still achieve the promises of God in our lives! With the help of this book, you’ll learn about Grace– what it is and how His death and resurrection was a part of grace for us!

The Misconception With Grace

Grace does not pardon sin. But repentance does. What you will understand with the help of Creflo’s book, “What Grace Is and What Grace Isn’t,” is how to accept Grace for what it is and how to avoid abusing the idea of grace as justification in getting what you want.

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Creflo Dollar

Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr., is an American pastor, televangelist, and the founder of the non-denominational Christian World Changers Church International based in College Park, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Dollar also heads the  Ministerial Association,  Ministries, and Arrow Records.

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