Download All Roberts Liardon Books

Download All Roberts Liardon Books

Download All Books (PDF) From American author, church historian, and humanitarian “

List of Books: Download Below:
1. Religious Politics
2. The School of the Spirit
3. God’s Generals – Smith Wigglesworth
4. God’s Generals – Charles Finney
5. A Call to Action – Killing Giant
6. God’s General – Aimee Semple Mc
7. Breaking Controlling Powers
8. Don’t Let the Devil Destroy You
9. Forget Not His Benefits
10. God’s General – Evan Roberts
11. God’s General – The Healing Evangelists
12. God’s General – The Martyrs
13. God’s General – The Missionaries
14. God’s General – The Revivalists
15. God’s General – The Roaring Reformers
16. God’s General – Why They Succeeded
17. God’s General – Willian Branham
18. Haunted Houses, Ghosts and Demons
19. How to Stay in Your Calling and Not Come Out
20. How to Survive an Attack
21. I Saw heaven
22. Invading Force
23. Knowing People by The Spirit
24. Life After Death – What I Saw in Heaven
25. A Complete Collections of Maria Woordworth Etter
26. Breaking Controlling Powers – Revised Edition
27. Forget Not His Benefits
28. Holding to the Power of the Lord
20. How to Get Your Spirit in Shape
30. I Saw Heaven
31. Spiritual Timing
32. The Price of Spiritual Power
33. The Quest for Spiritual Hunger
34. Don’t Let the Devil Destroy your Purpose
35. Asuza Street Revival
36. Run to the Battle
37. Sharpen Your Discernment
38. We Saw Heaven


About The Author
Dr. Roberts Liardon is an author, public speaker, spiritual leader, church historian, and humanitarian. He was called into the ministry at a very young age, preaching his first public sermon at the age of thirteen and lecturing on “God’s Generals” in Christian colleges and universities at age fifteen.

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From age sixteen, he has utilized every platform to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, bring maturity to the church, and encourage those in ministry. He has produced radio, television, and Internet programs, and has also authored more than eighty books, which have been translated into over sixty languages and to date have sold 16.5 million copies.

Dr. Liardon has established many churches and accredited Bible schools and is now building Embassy International Church in Orlando, Florida, an apostolic center to serve his community and the nations. It is also the headquarters of the Embassy Global Network, which provides a gathering place of support and encouragement for ministries and leaders.

He is best known for his God’s Generals series of booksGod’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Some FailedGod’s Generals: The Roaring ReformersGod’s Generals: The RevivalistsGod’s Generals: The Healing EvangelistsGod’s Generals: The Missionaries; and God’s Generals: The Martyrs.

In great demand as a speaker and mentor to pastors and leaders worldwide, Dr. Liardon has ministered in over 127 nations and loves to pray, teach the Word of God, and prophesy to bless God’s people. He speaks to a current generation of believers who want to draw closer to the heart and mind of God and impact their communities and the nations of the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Liardon makes his homes in Orlando, Florida, and also has an international office in London, England.



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