The Trinity (a discussion)

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The Trinity (a discussion)

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One of the more reknowned in a series of triune God theories throughout the history of religion is that of christianity, following the story according to scripture, this is the best understanding I could come up with

So God asked himself to go to earth to save mankind. Then he agreed with himself and volunteered himself to himself to offer himself. Then God impregnated a woman as himself, with himself. God prayed to himself and glorified himself repeatedly. God strengthened himself and talked to himself. Finally God forsook himself and sacrificed himself to prove his loyalty to himself. While dead he resurrected himself so he could exalt himself above himself. Then he sat at his own right hand and waited till he placed his enemies as a footstool Finally with Satan's forces defeated God would turn his kingdom over to himself That all things would become everything to himself.

I never understood it in Sunday school, and remain nonplussed to date, How do you make sense of it?

Re: The Trinity (a discussion)

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The very being of God as a Mindfully Creative Will, A Body faithfully devoted to reconciliation with both the flawed will of man and the Loving and merciful Will of God, and the resulting Spirit that reveals or else reflects the intimacy of the relationship is often very wrongfully portrayed.
With God, there is nothing but pure potential. Creation was the exhibition of His Divine Will to have a being formed and active according to the same pattern as He Himself exists, and that was for His pleasure.
In the Garden, which represents our original relationship with God free of blemish or separation of wills on the basis of our decision to heed the serpent rather than Him who formed us, loved us, and trusted us even as He asks us to trust Him, we chose to abandon the mutual promise that stood as a witness of our relationship between us.
The Cross was the only means possible that the grave sin of pride might be broken, and the Spirit be given the chance to alter us and our will so as to repair what we destroyed and are incapable in ourselves of mending.
Christianity is not about a list of rules that cause us to change ourselves and thus effect our own salvation, rather it is about a Creator who brought us forth, and paid every ransom for the wrong that we ourselves committed when we obeyed our self impulses over the trust we shared with Him so that we might once again enjoy mutual fellowship.
To those who are saved and in Christ Jesus, the Cross and the Spirit are the highest and most crucially important aspects that exist above all of our considerations of anything besides, for only those have the power and the worth to affect our reconciliation with God and the putting away of the self chosen enmity that we are by nature inclined towards.
Treat your relationship with God even as you would a romantic relationship, for those who are saved and sealed by His Spirit unto eternal life are called "the Bride of Christ" even as it is written.
I will be happy to discuss further if you should wish to, or else I hope that this helps change your view of God as merely a disinterested Judge bent on self worship.
Blessings in the Spirit and in Jesus Christ the Lord
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