Should a Christian take a vacation?

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Should a Christian take a vacation?

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Can & Should Christians take a vacation? what are you thought on this?
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Re: Should a Christian take a vacation?

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The Bible does not mention anything specifically about vacations (or for our English-speaking friends outside of the USA, holidays). However, Scripture does address the concepts of rest and stewardship, both of which are applicable in thinking through whether Christians should take vacations.

I personal Think Nothing Is Wrong in Taking Vacation

A vacation can be a time of rest, and God set the example of rest in Genesis 2:2–3 when He ceased from creating. In Exodus 20:8–11 God tells His people that they are to rest from their labor on the seventh day—to take a weekly vacation, as it were. The Sabbath command is repeated throughout the Old Testament. In the New Testament, we see Jesus fulfill the meaning of the Sabbath. Christians are no longer under the law of the Sabbath, yet the concept of rest is still important. Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man, meaning that God gave it as a gift to us (Mark 2:27). Rather than the burden it had become in Jesus’ day, the Sabbath was intended to be restorative. In resting we declare our dependence on God, exercise our faith in His provision, and receive refreshing
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