Would God want us to sort out the baptismal confusion?

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Would God want us to sort out the baptismal confusion?

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Grace and peace to you, dear friends. I feel that a prayerful and careful "study of HIS Word Of Truth, Rightly Divided" would greatly glorify HIM and bring us far closer to "Approval Unto God."

So, to begin, let us have a little introduction, if you will, to "beginning a class" regarding baptisms, because I believe there are very few who have "such a thing," so that new born babes in CHRIST would be saved a lot of frustration caused by this widespread Confusion.
I know I didn't in the "churches" I visited, one of which was "immersing me to get saved," and discovered that

When I asked about their teaching, they gave me an unscriptural booklet, which wasn't true.

to justify their "traditional" viewpoint
The next one I went to, thinking it was "the closest thing to a New Testament church" and that God wanted me there, they re-did my earlier immersion since "it did not save me, being symbolic, a purported obedient child," as a book writer put it.

Is there an outward manifestation of an inner faith? Do babies know where in their Bible that is?

Again, their "tradition" refers to how they've always "done things." Thanks for your patience.

listening to my H2O experiences
And, as many of you are surely aware, there are different "traditions" of cleaning baptisms, such as "baby sprinkling," "adult pouring," "immersions in ONE name, others in THREE names of God," and "do it our way Requirement" to be a member of "our church," and so on.
How do we know "which" is the correct answer? Many people will be surprised by the Bible's answer.

Q: Did you realize that the Bible contains thirteen baptisms? Most likely, they have never had a "class" on them. After 35 years, I was completely amazed when I discovered the true meaning of water baptism. Ready, dear friend(s) who have not yet completely "researched" this?
Few people are asking the important question: Does God require water baptism to be done now, under HIS Pure GRACE Dispensation?
For those who respond "Yes," we previously saw Mass Confusion of "Traditions" above, correct? But, have you ever considered what it would be like if "God's Answer" was "NO!" What would occur? Isn't it true that ALL THE CONFUSION WOULD IMMEDIATELY DISAPPEAR? Are you, class, "ready to begin," and to be RICHLY BLESSED by our Wonderful God and HIS Word Of Truth, Rightly Divided?
Here's a quick lesson to get us thinking, or at least challenged:
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