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Hulvey & Torey D’Shaun – Closer

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Hulvey & Torey D'Shaun - Closer

American Christian/Gospel Artists Hulvey & Torey D’Shaun Released a New Single Titled “Closer”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit And Surely Be Worth A Place On Your Playlist.

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Closer Lyrics By Hulvey & Torey D’Shaun
I wanna get closer to Your heart
I wanna get closer to Your heart
Close, closer to Your heart

Uh, I’m tryna be a disciple, that’s showing my rivals Your love over givin’ ’em hatred
I’m tryna be a disciple, that’s revival my life is a whole conversation
I’m tryna be a disciple, that follow Your will whenever the trend is Jada
I’m tryna be a disciple, that put on Your armor whenever I know I can’t take ’em
Stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ out there losing their life ’cause this is dangerous
I got some brothers that’s overseas, don’t even know ’em but trust me, we speak the same language
Yeshua, He walked on the Earth, He was on His own turf and His own people left Him hanging
What if we seen Him in-person without no rehearsing, man, tell me would we even claim Him?
Let it breathe, I know I’m the one that need him
Man, I found my freedom when I found out they hit and beat ’em and
He hung on the cross, that’s how they chose to seat Him
You don’t need a seat at the table when you got a seat in the Kingdom
I can’t help but be humble whenever I think of the day that I’ll see Him

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I’m tryna get closer to Your heart (Your heart)
I’m tryna get closer to Your heart
Close, closer to Your heart
To Your heart

Used to be dark
Open my arms, Father, I’m Yours
They can keep the fame, this is more
Open these doors to the rich and the poor, ayy, ayy
Top-down, He done paid my sentence, huh
I’ma drink this juice in sin remembrance, huh
Yeah, I’m from the Wick where it get wicked, huh
I guess that’s the reason that He sent Him, huh (That He sent Him)
I’m cleaned up, I’m fiend up
I’m seamed up, I’m washed up
I’m turnt up, I’m too stuck
Father, Son, Spirit, what’s up

[Torey D’Shaun:]
When I’m close, when I’m far
It don’t change who You are, amen
But if it meets Your heart
I wanna be where you are, amen
And live in a life that you gone [?], amen
I’m tryna get closer to Your heart (Ooh)
Even when I had no body else
I just kept messin’ up
They put me on the shelf
But you stayed close
Close to me
You’ve always been close

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