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Kieran The Light – Hate

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Kieran The Light - Hate

American Christian/Gospel Hip Hop Artiste Released a New Single Titled “Hate”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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Hate (Lyrics) –
Ahem, aw, man
I guess I’m just mental, yeah

[Verse 1]
Don’t hate me
I make mistakes like I’m human, but they still rate me
Deep depression where I fell, no one else could save me
Back and forward with my faith, I’ve been trippin’ lately
Feel like I’ve been goin’ crazy
I got anger issues that’s led me to many separations
Or arguments without preparation
Or retaliation from people who don’t understand me wit’ a lack of patience
I’m just workin’ towards my destination, it’s near
Everlastin’ cycles of battles that I don’t ever win
My inbox is full of distractions that wanna reel me in
Do I respond to all of these messages? Well, that depends
‘Cause all these women that know I got a wife keep checkin’ in
Tellin’ me how they happy for me and here to bring me joy
You really happy for me, or you just here to destroy?
Everything I told you, I prayed hard for God to produce
You really happy for me, or you just here to seduce
Me into tellin’ all my deepest secrets and all my weaknesses?
Tryna be the next one my lady sayin’ I’m sleepin’ with
Tryna have me livin’ in guilt and hearin’ these voices
Tryna make me lose the anointin’, it’s annoyin’

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[Verse 2]
I’m searchin’ for validation from people that’s not a factor
The reason blessings not comin’ faster, chasin’ after
Acceptance from my family, I moved away ’cause every day
It feel like they be mad at me, if not, then they just laugh at me
It’s jealousy from all of the people I feel are close to me
Feel like Joseph’s story was wrote for me, but I don’t know
They call me a leader, I’m never that
I know I break the witness when I fall in the devil’s traps
Don’t judge me, uh
Don’t hate me for bein’ honest ’bout how I’m livin’ lately
Don’t go erase me and delete my music
They don’t think I’m human
Just ’cause I teach a little don’t mean that I’m not a student
I also be goin’ through it
Runnin’ out of all the people I used to contact
‘Cause what’s the point of havin’ friends when all they do is turn they back
Whenever I make one mistake?
I don’t really know how much more division I could take
But everybody bein’ fake
Always got a snake in every group
Everybody got a motive, so beware of what’s the truth
Even when I’m lukewarm, I still can see the fruit
It be the people that’s closest to you that wanna see you lose
I’m makin’ this music and people say they relate
God, I ask for Your forgiveness, even though it’s late
I be thankful every day that Jesus clean my slate
Anyone I’ve ever hurt, forgive me for my ways
Don’t hate me

Yes, days
You don’t know my days

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