Kieran the Light – Voice

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Kieran the Light - Voice

American Christian/Gospel Hip Hop Artiste Kieran the Light Released a New Single Titled “Voice”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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Voice (Lyrics) – Kieran the Light
Not even gon’ stress it
I’ll just let you know
It’s the wintertime vibes, you know

[Verse 1]
I study the Bible so I know it well, yeah
Can’t let nobody make my soul for sell
Can’t even lie, yeah, I still struggle, but I know myself
I fear God, I told Him I don’t wanna go to hell
Pray for the sermon, I be asking what it’s giving me
Must be this music ’cause the world think I’m so sick with it
I switched my style, some people love it, some kind of get with it
I think what matters most is I’m out what’s God-written
I make mistakes but I embrace them, I’m still human (I’m still human)
I escaped from their place, they made me for ruin (I escaped)
So I every day I still chase what I think I’m losing (I be chasing)
And pray to God in the end that I don’t look stupid
Why do I feel I’m unable, double-minded, I’m unstable
Wanna put all me on the table so God can make me an angel
Was living life like ’cause I was jealous of Abel
God told me ‘Look up child, I just wanna save you’
I need to hear Your voice in life so I can get through this
For You I shoot for the stars every time and I don’t miss
Every time I drop a hit I still don’t feel the bliss
And deep down I know it’s only ’cause I’m still living in sin
You transformed my pen, they laughed at me, now I’m laughing with ’em
Transformed my gift so know I can’t even rap with ’em
I need to use my talents ’cause I know the devil be distracting ’em
I need to be a magnet to You so I don’t go back with ’em
No bad symptoms, that rhythm that God gave me, I rap with Him
When I do it they submerging my music like baptisms
I’m good at something that pushes people to have vision
They say that I’m anointed, I study how I can tap in it
Just wanna hear what His voice like
I wanna hear Him tell me everything gon’ be alright
I’d rather do this all day rather than all night
I don’t wanna see no more darkness, I just want all light
How come my anxiety never leaves? It’s reoccurring
How come when I read the Word, I leave with reassurance?
How come the world has lost so much, we pray that Jesus hurry
With You I make every shot that I take like Stephen Curry, never worry
‘Cause You got me when I live, I know You spot me
You never drop me even when my faith is microscopic
It don’t matter what’s the problem, I know You the only option
Every time I wanna quit, something in me won’t let me stop this

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Something just really won’t let me stop doing this
I’m fearless
I just need to hear Your voice
So I could be the light

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