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Propaganda & L’s – 2:30

Free Download “2:30” SONG By Propaganda & L’s

Propaganda & L's - 2:30

American Christian/Gospel Hip Hop Artiste Propaganda & L’s Released a New Single Titled “2:30”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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2:30 (Lyrics) – Propaganda & L’s
In 2017, two minutes and 30 seconds, we were on Pangea one land, one nation, one planet. I, and my ancestors were the same age, two minutes. Seconds. We saw how small we are. We saw how privileged we are to see how small we are. We saw black was beautiful. And if you just let black be black and it blocks out the light, the light rebuilds, the brilliance, it didn’t even know it

You know, we should trust black more mixed metaphors could speak volumes. Planet knew we needed it. We were two days away from Nazis marching on American soil spitting the most viral irony on the american myths, the greatest generation rhetoric. We were three days away from cars, driving into peace, white lives matter, blood and soil appropriated, Polynesian, mosquito repellents turned white hoods, Tiki torches, turnt burnt crosses frat boy uniforms in all khaki, which were kind of funny though

Three days ago, we were one planet, two minutes, 30 seconds. Our perspective was orbital. Would you know it? When you look back down at the ground from space, the word America ain’t written across the ground, it don’t look like the maps. Streaked across the globe, streamed revolution, televised bend, Oregon highways turns into one ways to support the traffic

Kim Jung was singing Bob Marley, Vlad French kissed Trump, Tanahashi at Cornell squashed their beef, Biggie and 2Pac did a song together, Stormy Daniels and the prophet Daniel drank Thunderbird, Elvis and swing dancing finally admitted to being appropriators and gentrifiers, weinstein thought twice about unzipping and meek, he was set free early two minutes, 30 seconds

I straightened my side eye at them sitting low red hats, hippie white girls with hoola-hoops Who cared about traffic on the 4 0 5 heavenly bodies just showed off their curves. Beautiful stretch marks space can be sexy. Let our appetite for destruction satiate for a second. Traded our guns for roses. Two minutes, 30 seconds

You too cool for the glasses was you too stupid to not look directly at it? Did our president actually look directly at it? After every expert said, don’t look directly at it. Did you laugh? You ever made out with somebody, you know, you shouldn’t, have? You ever touched something, you know, you wasn’t posted touch? Aye you ever seen an eclipse?

You ever been to Stone henge? You ever felt connected to Mayans and Druids at the same time? Doguns, Egypt, Etruscans, Ethiopians, two minutes, 30 seconds. Have you ever experienced something that was so far above you and what’s going to happen, whether you was there or not get, it felt like the entirety of the Cosmos

Conspired just to show you something about yourself. Two minutes, 30 seconds. Too bad none of us will be alive for the next one

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