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Book: Why I Hate Religion By Creflo Dollar

Why I Hate Religion

Book: Why I Hate Religion: 10 Reasons to Break Free from the Bondage of Religious Tradition: Religion has broken churches, fueled wars, and driven people away from the true Gospel of Jesus. Why I Hate Religion is a clarion call for people to ditch religionnand embrace relationship as it explores the top ten reasons why God hates religion, such as:

Religion makes people try to earn their way into heaven — but Christ offers grace.
Religion says God uses calamity to teach his people — but Christ comforts us.
Religion blames problems on God — but Christ helps people learn from their mistakes.
Religion makes prayer a powerless “form of godliness” — but Christ hears every word.

Why I Hate Religion offers an empowering understanding of true Christianity, one that transforms church into full, authentic, meaningful relationship with Jesus.


Creflo Dollar


Creflo Augustus Dollar, ., is an American pastor, televangelist, and the founder of the non-denominational Christian World Changers Church International based in College Park, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Dollar also heads the  Ministerial Association, Creflo Dollar Ministries, and Arrow Records.

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