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Elevation Rhythm “Simple” Music Video

Elevation Rhythm - Simple Music Video

is excited to release their newest single, “SIMPLE” (featuring L Barnes), which dropped today on all global streaming services. “SIMPLE” releases on the back end of YTHX, a week-long youth camp broadcast online and in person at in Charlotte, NC. Listen & Download to “SIMPLE” HERE.

The catchy track features L Barnes, who’s also credited as a writer on the song. “There’s nothing we could buy or change about ourselves that will make God love us any more. The song says, ‘all the best things in life are free.’ That’s home, family, love, etc. and that’s what we’ve found and want young people to experience for themselves,” says Barnes.

Watch Video Below:

When I was just a kid
I dreamed about the life I’d live
Buy fancy cars and a new crib
And cruise around with all my friends
I’ve been waking up
And realizing all those things
They look so different through a screen
That type of life ain’t what it seems
Isn’t what it seems

The designer bags are not all bad
But I’ll never find my worth in that

Don’t need
A Bunch a money, clothes and diamond rings
To be
All the best things in life are free
Give me the simple things

People might say
There’s a game you gotta play
Just play along and you’ll get paid
But I refuse to be a slave
I’m just gonna be me
Love all the weird things on my skin
My crooked smile my lazy grin
I’m throwing caution to the wind

Cause what’s popular don’t always last
So I’m okay with being the outcast


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