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Open University UK: Courses, Fees, And Online Registration

The is a unique institution of higher education that offers flexible, distance learning programs to students around the world. Here's an article that will take you through the easy online registration and also give you knowledge of the courses and fees involved.

The University was Founded in 1969, it was created to provide educational opportunities to people who were unable to attend traditional universities due to various reasons such as work, family commitments, or geographic distance. Today, the University is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom, and its courses are recognized worldwide.

Courses Offered By The Open University

The Open University offers a wide range of courses across different subject areas, including:

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. Business and Management
  3. Computing and IT
  4. Education
  5. Engineering and Technology
  6. Health and Social Care
  7. Mathematics and Statistics
  8. Psychology
  9. Science

The courses are designed to be flexible and are delivered through a combination of online resources, interactive activities, and face-to-face tutorials.

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The courses offered by the University are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their academic background. There are no entry requirements for most of the courses, and students can enroll at any time throughout the year. The courses are also modular, meaning that students can study at their own pace and can take breaks between modules if necessary.

One of the unique features of the Open University is its OpenLearn platform, which provides free access to a wide range of courses and educational resources. OpenLearn offers short courses, articles, and videos on a variety of topics, from history and literature to science and technology. The platform is designed to be accessible to everyone and is a great way to explore new subjects or to supplement existing knowledge.

Fees For Courses

The fees for courses offered by the Open University vary depending on the subject and level of study. The university charges per module, and the cost of each module can range from around £500 to £2,500, depending on the course. Some courses may also have additional fees, such as for materials or field trips.

Students may be eligible for financial support to cover the cost of their studies, such as student loans or grants. The Open University also offers a number of scholarships and bursaries to help students who may have difficulty paying for their courses. These include the Disabled Students' Allowance, which provides extra financial support for students with disabilities or long-term health conditions.

Online Registration For Open University courses

Enrolling in a course at the Open University is a straightforward process, and can be done entirely online. The first step is to choose a course that interests you and to check the entry requirements and fees. Once you have chosen a course, you can register online through the university's website.

During the registration process, you will be asked to create an account, provide some personal details, and select the modules that you wish to study. You will also be asked to pay the module fee or set up a payment plan. Once you have registered, you will be given access to the online resources and support that you need to start your studies.

To get started with the online registration, simply visit the website at www.open.ac.uk

Support for Open University Students

The Open University is committed to supporting its students throughout their studies. The university provides a range of resources and services to help students succeed, including online tutorials, study materials, and access to a dedicated tutor. The university also offers a range of support services, such as academic advice, disability support, and mental health support.

One of the key benefits of studying at the Open University is the flexibility it provides. Students can study at their own pace, and can fit their studies around other commitments, such as work or family. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for mature students or those with busy schedules.


is an innovative and flexible institution that offers a wide range of courses across different subject areas. The university's courses are designed to meet your educational needs. Simply go through the online registration to get started.

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