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Top 8 Free Sources for Learning French

Top 8 Free Sources for Learning French

Even the best French tutor will not learn a foreign language for you. Besides lessons, you need to work on your own every day and perform various types of exercises with maximum immersion in a French-speaking environment. If you can’t go to Paris yet, turn to the Internet – it will help you improve your French in a way, which is as easy as betting at a sportsbook betting and for free.


Extr@ is a comedy sitcom for learning foreign languages that is incredibly popular in many countries. Its success and innovation lie in the fact that it combines real learning with a very interesting, complex and sometimes risky plot, which reminds us of the TV series “Friends”.


It’s a great site for the youngest. If you are serious about teaching your baby to speak French or are planning a permanent move to France with young children, this site is the best fit for your child. The site is all bright and beautiful, with a lot of fun songs and nursery rhymes. All the information is given in the form of a kind of cartoon, which is aimed at ensuring that your child remembers the correct pronunciation of words and phrases.


A site with a huge collection of podcasts to listen to. The material is grouped by difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) as well as by area: dialogues, texts, grammar, and pronunciation. The search filter is very convenient – you can choose a phonetic exercise for your level of knowledge with the desired speed of recitation, practice a certain grammar rule or listen to a poem.

For beginners, there is a separate section, so that those who have started classes from scratch, do not have to puzzle over the unfamiliar material – all the necessary information for the first acquaintance with the French language is already collected in a separate block.


A site for learning French with a division into two subsections: for beginners and advanced. Each level consists of 12 lessons, broken down by topic. Classes are built on the interactive principle. They include tasks for vocabulary and phrase building, grammar, listening and reading. Each text has an accompanying audio track that you can turn on or off.

All materials are used live vocabulary, and the student is introduced not to the book, and with a spoken French, which can be heard on the streets of Paris. In general, the assignments are quite easy, but it is interesting and, most importantly, productive to study on this site.


The interactive foreign language learning tool Busuu offers you 10-15 minutes a day to study French. Classes are held individually in an easy game form. All tasks are divided by levels of your knowledge, which is very convenient. All material is given to students from simple to complex, and consolidated in practice through visual tests. If you like this methodology, you can subscribe to a paid course where you will be offered more extensive tools for learning French.


This site can be recommended to anyone who has decided to master the basic basics of French on their own. The resource has a lot of training materials on phonetics and grammar. You can check your knowledge with practice exercises.


Hello Pal is an application aimed at uniting people in different parts of the world who study foreign languages. With the help of this resource, you can find a Frenchman who wants to learn all the subtleties of English, and mutually help each other at all stages of learning the grammar and vocabulary of your languages. A good service for finding a native speaker and a great way to make a friend in France.


It’s a website where everything is at your fingertips. Namely: grammar guides, dictionaries, texts, idioms, games and even karaoke. Materials are grouped by levels of difficulty, there are interactive exercises that help consolidate the theoretical material. There is a karaoke section. After all, singing is considered a very effective exercise for speaking practice. Turn on Manu Chao “Je ne t’aime plus” and sing along! This is what a lesson in one of the world’s most beautiful languages should be like!


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