What Is Revelation In Christianity ?

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What Is Revelation In Christianity ?

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Revelation is one of the most important chapter in bible but i want to know how important it is to the Christianity ?

Re: What Is Revelation In Christianity ?

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The basis of Revelation is the final transition to the final expression of the Creation reconciled with the Father, Son and the indwelling union with the Spirit of the Living God; the very force that suspends all of creation.
It is written that, "the Spirit of all Prophecy is the Revelation of Jesus Christ", thus the Spirit points to relation, as Jesus was the express active Will of God incarnate, thus Jesus was God's offer of restoring the forfeited relation we enjoyed with Him in perfect union on the cool of the Garden, which I take to refer to a perfect relationship devoid of conflict and disunity; whole and based on mutual trust (the tree in the midst of the Garden which introduced selfish ambition to the relationship).
I also believe, if I have understood things properly as I have been shown by the Spirit, that the Cherub which guards the entrance to the Garden is a reference to a soul in rebellion towards God with no interest in reconciliation with Him.
The will of God, as evidenced by His actions and by the sacrafice of His Only Begotten Son, was always to be in relationship with us. It is we who decided to run afoul of the relationship with Him that is ever extended and on display in the lives of those who accept His forgiveness and mercy and press on to be united with Him once again.
Revelation is the necessary summation of the intermediate expression of relation to God that lies between the Creation and the New Creation, now emboldened and reconciled in Him again, where no more shall our existence be marred by disunity with our Creator, and where we shall no more be ruled by the consequences of the physical realm.
Revelation is about the final expression of God with His Creation, when all shall be judged according to their works and the relation we chose to seek or else abstain from in this brief habitation in a realm which shall soon pass away when the sum of all things is thus revealed.
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