How many sons did Jacob have?

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How many sons did Jacob have?

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Was wondering How many sons did Jacob have?
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Re: How many sons did Jacob have?

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Only one daughter is mentioned but it's likely he had more. I suspect the only reason Dinah was named was because of her involvement with her brothers slaughtering the town of her defiler. If you have a look at the record of Jacob's children being born, no daughters are mentioned, not even Dinah. Dinah is only mentioned after the fact in regards to her rape. This indicates other daughters might have been born but they were not mentioned because they were not sons, and weren't relevant to any subsequent story.

However, the text does not explicitly mention that he had other daughters, either, but you don't have twelve sons and no daughters unless you have something going on with your chromosomes, and if Jacob did, it's unlikely he would have had Dinah.
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