Gospel Singer “Eric Jeshurun” Speaks On How GHAMRO Will Attack Churches.

Gospel Singer

The debate on churches paying to be used of holding of gospel musicians looks to not finish presently as another gospel musician, , has delineated the approach by Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) as problematic.

GHAMRO’s administrator Ibrahim Adjetey, per week ago, proclaimed the choice to confirm churches buy exploitation the intellectual property of gospel musician.

African nation Gospel Singer Speaks On however GHAMRO can Attack Churches.
however gospel musician Eric Jeshrun, who doubles as a broadcaster, told Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM that one in every of the challenges Africa is facing once it involves taxes is that the same challenges GHAMRO’s call can face.

“I don’t have a tangle if GHAMRO needs to require cash from the church however my problem is the approach,” he aforesaid.

“I suppose GHAMRO should begin to conscientize the churches through the Christian Council [of Ghana] as a result of GHAMRO itself has body problems.”

The Wahvey hitmaker said the Ghana Music Right Organization must use correct technology to be able to take monies from the church because the approach of moving from one church to the opposite is backward.


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