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Montell Fish – Theo’s Hand

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Montell Fish - Theo's Hand

American Christian/Gospel Artiste Released a New Single Titled “Theo’s Hand”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit And Surely Be Worth A Place On Your Playlist.

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Theo’s Hand Lyrics By
[Verse 1: YOSHUA & John Givez]
Love generously, that’s what I really did, like
Jirah said in the book, and I really tried, but
I couldn’t cope, I needed to rock the boat
I got thrown overboard and I couldn’t float
We can get you, God won’t save ya (listen)
I’m un-planetary, I’m from heaven where we
Throw a celebration when another make it
When another make it, yeah yeah yeah
What you wanna see and who you wanna be
And what you tryna do?
But demons hunting, packed a portal from the ground
Ascending laid up in my room
Sleeping on my bed, I been hearing whispers
Lucy still in my head
I read the script a hundred times
But still learn nothing really good
Ain’t been acting as I should and
I bet my tree is petrified, frozen up along the wood
Take me back to my childhood
Show me that my life still good
When I’m in Theo’s hands, yeah

[Hook: ]
And if you’re looking for love
You know where to find it at
And if you’re looking for love
You know where to find it at
In Theo’s hand
In Theo’s hand
In Theo’s hand

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[Verse 2: YOSHUA + Montell Fish]
Yo, uh
I said it’s getting metaphysical
Hoping God’s plan is gonna meet me at this mistletoe
Mistletoe, praying that the Lord reveal what missus wrote
Missiles go boom on shores, I’m sorry, I’m just cynical
How you gon’ make it? How you gon’ make it?
They say life is full of chances, momma, I’ma take it
But there’s no going back, life won’t be kind, rewind
I just need time to be finding me like one dime and I’m fine, I swear
Ain’t it crazy how the angels turn to demons in this world?
Bunch of evil in this world, it’s even in a little girl twerking
I know that God seeing all, omniscience infinite, but
That don’t matter to me when I’m out here hitting it, um
I’m a lost sheep just tryna make my way home
How I’m surrounded by plenty faces but still alone?
How I’ma make it in this universe, don’t have a plan?
Every problem that I’ve ever had, turned heel and ran
To Wakanda, life breathed from the author
Awkward, swimming up a stream like a sauger
Canyon, I just want that mansion
I just want a house up on the hills for my family, that’s candid
I had the blunt burning with my momma staring in my eye
“Don’t you lie, I know you was smoking boy, I can smell the loud
I’m praying for you
Hoping that Jesus gon’ let you realize these real lies
The devil been working on you for quite some time”

[Hook: Montell Fish]
And if you’re looking for love
You know where to find it at
And if you’re looking for love
You know where to find it at
In Theo’s hand
In Theo’s hand
In Theo’s hand

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[Verse 3: YOSHUA]
Take some time to realize, take some time to realize
The bigger picture, architect is working with your feeble mind
I’ve doubted, doubted, doubted
To the point where I can’t be without it
Howdy, I’m so cloudy, don’t get too close ’cause I’m rowdy
I just lose hope when I’m out it
I scream “You joking” quite loudly, but
I really don’t mean it ’cause when I see it, I’m like
Awestruck, praise God, He is awesome
I’m awful but the Son of Man wrote the Gospels, I’ll prosper

[Outro: Montell Fish]
And when it rains, I call on You
You my Saturday, Friday, and Sunday, too
Because You’re my weak-end
You give me strength for all my weakness
And I know that I’ll never regret it
All the times that I spend on Your chest
You love me, never love-me-not
Wait, that’s all I got

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