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Naomi Raine – Choosing Myself

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Naomi Raine - Choosing Myself

American Christian/Gospel Artiste Released a New Single Titled “Choosing Myself”, Which is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit And Surely Be Worth A Place On Your Playlist.

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Choosing Myself Lyrics By
Let me finish, let me finish talkin’
Let me get this off my chest
I’m no stranger, you know me well
But it feels like we just met
I’m just tryin’ to cope with the impossibilities
I wish were possibilities
Feels like I’m in a dream
I know you say you want me, but you’re too afraid of happy
That hurts me, it scares me, but this is reality
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
Tellin’ me lies, like I’m makin’ this up
Like this is insanity
(Sometimes my mind plays tricks) Mm, this ain’t reality
(Sometimes my mind) My mind is playin’ tricks on me

I won’t believe it
I won’t believe it, not for one second
I don’t believe it
I don’t believe it, but I still have questions
I wanna believe you (I want to believe you)
But you’re not helpin’
Wish you were see-through (I wish you could see me)
Wish I could see you

(I just want you) I wish that I could free your mind
(I just want you) And sometimes I wish that we could just rewind time
(What if I never knew) Oh, ooh
(What if I just want you) And I want you to want you, too
(I just want you) I’m hoping that you’ll change your mind (Change your mind)
I’m praying you’ll try to try
To be happy for once
You deserve to be happy for once
I just want you to be happy for once
Then you come alive (I just want you)
When you looked in my eyes (When you looked in my eyes)
(I just want you) I saw you come alive
(I just want you) You can just choose, you can decide

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I’m so afraid to lose you
That I’m losing myself
I’m so afraid to choose you (I’m so afraid to choose you)
So I’m choosin’ myself (So I’m choosin’ myself)
I’m so afraid to lose you, mm
‘Cause I’m finding myself in you
Still everyday that I choose you, mm
I’m choosing myself
Deep down you remember, me
But even if you don’t choose me
(I just want you) I’m choosin’ myself
(I just want you) I’m choosin’ myself
It’s about time, didn’t we come alive?
Don’t make me choose by myself

(I pray that you’ll chose me) I know that it’s confusing
(Please say that you’ll choose me)
Just make up your mind this time
This time (I pray that you’ll choose me, say that you’ll choose me)
I’m choosin’ happy, the real me
I’m choosin’ the freedom I feel when I look in these eyes
(Please say that you’ll choose me) I want the true me
(Please say that you’ll choose me) I’m choosin’ myself

Mm, mm
Mm, oh

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